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(DESI) after his meeting with Secretary General of the Organization of Nasserite Party: the divisive scheme in the Middle East is seriously by Western countries

The Secretary of important European Organization for Security and Information Ambassador Dr. Haitham Abu said after his meeting with the secretary general of the Nasserite, Brigadier General Mustafa Hamdan, in the presence of the Chairman of the Legal Committee of the international courts Maan Al Assaad and the  Ambassador Consultant to Syria Yusuf Freij, one of the most important points required at this stage to look forward to the fact that we live in the region, especially the situation in Syria, Iraq, Yemen and difficult and thorny and interrelated.

 That is what happened yesterday in the heart of the village is unacceptable according to the information and documents that we received indicate that there is a massacre committed premeditated by the so-called emir “Al- Nusra” front in Idlib (a branch of al-Qaeda) Abdul Rahman Tunisian. There is a legal path may take in this regard on the fever and protects those groups financed excommunicating “Altaymiah”. And this massacre, but a series of events by those gangs against sectarian and religious minorities falls within this cleansing plan within the region, and the request of Unitarian Druze sect in “Idlib” Governorate before entering these groups.

We hope that the Druze in Syria the independence of the decision to choose their political analysis without their blood if they chose to stand with the Authority and the Government of Syria and they realize national interests and not need lessons from one of the inside and outside, and speak on their behalf in Syria as a referentiality is the sect we believe that they have taken their position is clear since the beginning of the events. The Druze sect has taken since the beginning of the events in Syria existential political approach will not be dragged to calls by some under slogans such groups that have no religion, morality and human values.

In the Lebanese issue we have shown our fear of sectarian political speeches of the face, as well as to the lack of conviction point events that were imposed on the Lebanese Resistance taken, which had had a positive impact on the internal peace, and this is what most of the officials in the West. He concluded that the divisive scheme in the Middle East is seriously by major countries in the West and the map is ready, but this may be delayed if there are certain factors that lead to it.

We note that there are movements of will by the European Organization for Security and Information in the EU in terms of organization of campaigns to the interceptor in order to modify the approach taken in Syria to the request of the states supporting terrorism excommunicating our first in 18 June 2015 in Italy, where they will be handed over a letter from the Chairman of the Organization to the President of the parliament in this regard.


















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