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(DESI) Turkey violated international law in Egypt , Iran initiative is incomplete & Iraq may be subjected to Chaos

MFA of the USA Parliament (Intl.)  and Secretary General of the European Department for Security and Information Dr. Haitham Abu Said announced that Turkey have violated the International Covenant under the United Nations General Assembly Resolution 36/103 , dated 9 December / December 1981 by supporting “Ansar  of Allah” group in Sinai that continued to regulate the so-called Islamic State ” ISIL ” in Egypt in order to ward has shaken the local stability and swooping on the system of government in order to return the Muslim Brotherhood until Egypt becomes an extension of the system of government in Ankara and this is not in foreign policy have an interest due to the request of its membership frozen in the EU. With regard to the Turkish intervention in respect of other countries ,

Dr. Abu Saeed expressed that there are hard facts in this context, where there is an arrest of four Turkish officers in Egypt at a high level who with the help of the organization Ansar Allah and they are: Ismail Ali Bal , a senior officer in the National Intelligence Authority in Ankara and coordinator military operations and his aides Abdullah and Turkish Bakush Husseini Ijsma and Diaa Eddin Mohammed Gado .

Dr. Abu Saeed and considered that expose this process by the Egyptian intelligence made ​​of Ankara is obliged to cooperate with the international coalition in the fight against the organization ” ISIL ” after US pressure, However, they are still maneuvering in this regard, and have linked the issue of the Kurds in this regard . Abu Saeed warned of persistent bombing the Kurds because of its very dangerous rebounds on Middle East security, in addition to insist on the creation of a buffer zone in northern Syria under circumstances and goals to be under its control. Abu Said mentioned that the Iranian initiative regarding its vision to end the Syrian crisis are in lack of items in spite of its importance , but it remains non- implementation of the current conditions , especially that there are some areas which do not exist legitimate authorities , but armed with the elements of a history of murder and torture and the threat of a predominantly not from the Syrian textile and thus can not do the fair elections , What is needed first of research in this important item , as required by the Syrian people to participate in it freely without a sense of the possibility of threatening him or kill him, that is the withdrawal of those elements immediately without delay , preceded by a cabinet reshuffle includes the actual fabric and proper representation of the national Syrian opposition, which sought to keep political discourse under the roof of the just demands of the people without bullying by foreign troops of 98 nationalities for the appropriate formula for the new constitution mode. It remains to hold elections then the inevitable result .




















Updated: Friday August 7th, 2015 — 11:42 am
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