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+Esclusiva (DESI) Patto Segreto tra USA e Russia sull’arresto di Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, “il Califfo avrebbe fatto rivelazioni sugli USA”

 (DESI) Dipartimento Europeo Sicurezza Informazioni :   Patto Segreto tra USA e Russia sull’arresto di Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, “il Califfo avrebbe fatto rivelazioni  sugli USA”.


 “Secretary General of the DESI European Department for Security and Information, Ambassador Haissam Abu Said, announced that”:

the joint Syrian-Russian qualitative security operation on the Iraqi-Syrian border a few days ago, which is believed to have led to the arrest of Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, A dramatic surprise which led to the taking of measures and military offers US security began in the peninsula of the Korean Peninsula to send marines to the region of Raqqa in the north of Syria after the US gave up its obligations to the Democratic Party of Syria on the pretext that the Kurds achieved A military operation against Da’ash but they do not guarantee that they will occupy other Arab lands. The abandonment comes as a result of the US-Turkish alliance, which is financially subsidized by Gulf states. In the case of Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, an Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi leader, Abu Saeed said he was surrounded by a large group of his fighters in the vicinity of Tall Afar as they fled the “popular crowd” in Iraq through western Mosul on April 2, 2017, 48 kilometers away. And the forces of the crowd killed a number of fighters to al-Baghdadi, where he escaped wounded towards the Syrian border through the crossing of Yaraibiya, 60 km from Tal Afar towards the area of “squares” Sahrawi under heavy surveillance by satellites and joint monitoring devices Syria and Russia located in the vicinity of airport Shaerat and field coordination by Which in recent days was considered an ally of the United States. According to the information received by Dr. Abu Said’s office, the wanted person was the arrival of al-Baghdadi to Deir al-Zour to show his personality and to give the morale for the major operation that the international coalition forces are gathering for them from the Syrian south and controlling large points in the Syrian desert from rural Suweida south to Palmyra, Deir Al-Zor and along the Iraqi border. The announcement of the qualitative operation on 18-4-2017, where aircraft of the International Alliance carried out an aerial landing in the eastern village of Deir Zour, controlled by the organization “Daash” near the station T2 in Badia fields in eastern Syria, and according to information received that the landing took place Almost four days before the announcement, after the arrest of Baghdadi by about a week. In the information, the 50-person US Commandos has retrieved a certain figure in cooperation and coordination with a security agency and the person who was withdrawn may be Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi. Dr. Abu Said concluded that the scenario and the statement issued by the so-called “coordination”, which referred to the aerial landing of the International Coalition and the arrest of a number of elements is an internal condemnation, where the international coalition did not take any landing, but only American rafts. He called for a halt to threats to him and to the head of the Department and the Executive Council where this is no longer useful, and the media office will issue the remaining details that have not been published.

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