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USA Parliament (Intl.)- (DESI): the division began, Syria and Iraq RESTORE initiative

Media Office of the USA Parliament (Intl.) Minister of Foreign Affairs and the Secretary General of the European Department for Security and Information Dr. Haitham Abu Said that indicated the start of the division of the region project has begun whose beginnings through the events in Yemen and its entrance Saudi Arabia, which will see a strong security setbacks of the Yemeni (Ansar Allah al-Huthi and tribes) have mobilized tribes and their number is about nine and forty six thousand Fighters, and the inside at the hands of infidels groups and sleeper cells unknown numbers, led by the so-called organized “ISIL” and al-Qaeda. Apprehensive Dr. Abu Said stretch of the events to other Gulf states in order to create constructive chaos for their project and create panic in the region to lay hands on the oil and the ingredients that goes into the accounts of the economic interest and Israel, which is the first recipient since the start of the events of the Middle East. He added that it became clear that there is a different turn in the political and military situation in both Syria and Iraq, which will be at the forefront of resolving the anomaly of satisfaction with those groups. The recent reversal of some countries, particularly Turkey comes from this section, in order to reserve a seat in the new political situation, and recent events carried out by Turkey against the so-called ISIL dangerous scenario for settling old scores with the Kurds and the group of the Kurds Leader OGELAN. He said Dr. Abu Said President Erdogan was not serious in the fight against ISIL if the Turkish army wanted to put an end to it, it does not take more than a few days where all their hideouts and their whereabouts are known and documented with the authorities. And the planned decree complicity one of the countries with it by creating a safe zone along the 90 km 2 and depth of up to 50 kilometers between the villages of “Mare`” and “Grabuls” in northern Syria “project will ignite the entire region and re-shuffle all the cards political and this is what pays him AIPAC (Zionist-American) and some hawks in the administration US. and those groups and despite the signing of the Iranian nuclear agreement succeeded in snatching the renewal of Hezbollah put on the terrorist list and had thus created a duplication contradictory enable the new administration from Republicans if they win the next election, the pressure more and threatened to stop work concluded agreement with Iran for the settlement be more equitable her after what was considered an internal destinations in the United States that the agreement serves the Iran and its allies over. He concluded Dr. Abu Said that what was advised by the US allies in the Middle East of openness to other forces and cooperate with it for a better community for peace results is the main entrance of the dilemma and that these powers can not be ignored, especially by the parties involved in the fight and the victory ISIL and other byproducts of al-Qaeda is the start upon which the West, led by the United States to the implementation of international decisions against this internationally banned battalions.






















Updated: 1 agosto 2015 — 2:51
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