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(DESI) Israel is trying to surround Hezbollah from the South of Syria front and Hezbollah is preparing to repeat victory on a larger scale

The Media office of the Secretary General of the European Department of Security and Information Ambassador announced Dr. Haitham Abu Saeed what Israel is doing in southern Syria through support of the Takfirist groups in “Daraa” district comes under the chart prepared by to avenge defeat in southern Lebanon in 2006. Israel considered after study […]

ISRAEL BOMBED YEMEN PROTON BOMBS . المنظمة الأوروبية للأمن والمعلومات : إسرائيل تقصف اليمن بقنابل البروتون

The Secretary General of the European Department for Security and Information Ambassador Dr. Haitham Abu Said declared that Yemen was bombed neutron bomb , which Israel openly having over publicly .The Secretary-General pointed out that Israel is behind it bear the full responsibility for this work , which criminalizes internationally has done. The information indicated […]

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