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(DESI) European Department for Security and Information wrote Syrian Minister of Justice; Bilal Erdogan recognize and coordinate with official figures in Iraq / المنظمة الأوروبية للأمن والمعلومات تراسل وزير العدل السوري، وبلال أردوغان يعترف وتنسيق مع شخصيات رسمية في العراق

Secretary General of the DESI  European Department for Security and Information Ambassador Dr. Haitham Abu Saeed announced that he had sent an official letter to the Minister of Justice Syrian Dr. Najm al-Ahmad explaining ways of cooperation with the Syrian Arab Republic to prepare a report by the International Accounting humanitarian violations that took place […]

السفير الدكتور هيثم ابو سعيد: لا لقرار الفتنة الإسرائيلية 5233 بحق دروز فلسطين

ندد السفير الدكتور هيثم ابو سعيد المفوّض الأعلى لشؤون الخارجية في البرلمان الأميركي الدولي وأمين عام المنظمة الأوروبية للأمن والمعلومات بالقرار الإسرائيلي  5233 الذي يقضي بإقامة بلدة درزيةجديدة ضمن الأراضي التابعة للمجلس الإقليمي الجليل الأسفل في منطقة أحوزات نفتالي القريبة من مدينة طبريا ونبّه السفير ابو سعيد إلى هذا القرار يقضي بإحراج الدروز أمام باقي […]

USA Parliament Intl. & (DESI ): Libya’s security battle detail and elude coalition in northern Syria / البرلمان الأميركي الدولي: معركة ليبيا بتفاصيلها الأمنية قريباً والتحالف يراوغ في الشمال السوري

USA Parliament High Commissioner for Foreign Affairs and Secretary General of the  DESI European Depatment for security and information Ambassador Dr. Haitham Abu Saeed announced that he was determined two meetings in Rome and Davos about the presence of US warships and French, on average, with reconnaissance aircraft were monitored in Cyprus and Italy in […]

(DESI) Ambassador Dr. Bou-Said after his meeting with Haj Mohammed Raad: Saudi Arabia is not serious in fighting terrorism and Bahrain could commit a fatal error / سياسة – السفير د. ابو سعيد بعد لقائه الحاج محمد رعد: السعودية غير جادة في محاربة الارهاب والبحرين قد ترتكب خطأ فادح

The High Commissioner for Foreign Affairs of the USA Parliament (Int) and Secretary General of the DESI  European Department for Security and Information, Ambassador Dr. Haitham Abu Saeed met with, the head of the Resistance Parliamentary Committee Alhaj Mohammed Raad in the presence of the President of the advisory body for the international organization lawyer […]

(DESI) Ambassador Dr. Haissam Bou-Said: No to Captagon legislation; International caveats should be taken into consideration and not to exchange it with Oil / السفير د. هيثم ابو سعيد: لا لتشريع الكابتغون والأخذ بالمحاذير الدولية وعدم مقايضتها بجزء من النفط

Secretary General of the DESI European Department for Security and Information and the Ambassador of the Middle East at the International Committee for Human Rights, Dr. Haitham Abu-Said revealed that what is being said today in Lebanon of trying to create a legislation on the Captagon or Fenethylline by some local political parties internal affair does […]

(DESI)The European Department for Security and Information: Execution Decision of Sheikh AL-NIMER came insistently by one of the princes in Saudi Arabia / المنظمة الأوروبية للأمن والمعلومات: قرار إعدام الشيخ النمر جاء بإصرار احد الأمراء في السعودية

Secretary-General of the DESI  European Department for Security and information Ambassador Dr. Haitham Abu Saeed strongly condemn the execution of 47 people in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia on the morning of New Year’s, led by Sheikh Nimr Baqir al-Nimr, who was tortured and abused him more than once before his execution, which is a […]

(DESI) International climate toward the crisis in the region began to change and meeting seriously the required of the ONU resolution 2254 is needed / سياسة – المناخ الدولي تجاه الأزمات في المنطقة بدأٓ بالتغيير والمطلوب ملاقاة جدية للقرار ٢٢٥٤

The international political track does not carries the full hostility to the Syrian government and the meeting in public and behind the scenes, as it can no longer proceed with the previous policies which were hostile not too long ago with a stay of a few of this group in this situation and heed that […]

European Department (DESI) : The assassination of Kantar change the rules of engagement; No Presidential Elections before modern election law / السفير الدكتور هيثم ابو سعيد /اغتيال القنطار تغيير قواعد الاشتباك ولا رئيس للجمهورية في لبنان قبل نضوج التسوية

Secretary General of the DESI European Department for Security and Information declared that there will be no elections of a New President in Lebanon on the first election session next year before reaching a political compromise on the New Election Parliamentary Law. Ambassador Bou-Said added that the current proposed law debate on such between both […]

European Department (DESI) reveal the presence of Saudi brigade on the sidelines of the “Tel Aviv ” , an alliance of 34 conference and conspiracy trial balloon on the region continues / المنظمة الأوروبية للأمن والمعلومات تكشف عن حضور لواء سعودي على هامش مؤتمر “تل أبيب”، تحالف الـ ٣٤ بالون اختبار والمؤامرة على المنطقة مستمرة

In a dangerous precedent and after careful monitoring of the FAO Regional Office Ambassador Dr. Haitham Abu Said / Secretary General of the (DESI) European Department for Security and Information Office said in an interview on Syrian television that the Saudi delegation headed by brigade previous close of resolution center in the UK has visited […]

(DESI) Riyadh conference another failure of Saudi last policy improvisations / مؤتمر الرياض فشل أخر لسياسة الإرتجال السعودية

The Secretary General of the  DESI European Department for security and Information Amb. Dr. HAISSAM BOU-SAID declared in an interview to one of the websites that are not actual value of the Conference of Riyadh does not have executive authority and cannot adopt any practical formula where the Vienna Agreement is the basic rule for the […]

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