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DESI Secretary-General: 250 Soldiers (USA) to achieve Two ground task/ المنظمة الاوروبية للامن والمعلومات: ٢٥٠ عسكري أميركي لإتمام عملياتان ميدانيتين

DESI Secretary General Amb. Dr. Haissam Bou-Said declared that the 250 American Soldiers and military Experts in “Hasakeh” aim to supervise all the ground operation to assure a better implementation on fighting ISIS as a first task. It seems that many political side have many interrogation points on what could be the other task of […]

DESI & LOAP: Saudi Arabia being extorted for political purposes as happened with Iran and Atlantic Coalition could get engaged/ المنظمة الأوروبية للأمن والمعلومات: السعودية تُبتز لأغراض سياسية كما حصل مع إيران والأطلسي قد يتحضّر

The Ambassador Dr Haissam Bou  Said, Secretary General of the  DESI European Department for security and organization information and League of Arab People drew that the United States of America on its door is a kind of blackmail in Arabic countries and issues. In a statement issued by the media library to Ambassador Abu Sa’id threat […]

DESI منظمة جامعة الشعوب العربية: لقد تمّ تمويل منظمات محلية في مصر أبان حكم الرئيس مبارك من أجل إستحداث إنقلابات محلية

اكّد السفير الدكتور هيثم ابو سعيد امين عام منظمة جامعة الشعوب العربية والمنظمة الاوروبية للامن والمعلومات وفي اتصال مع رئيس الجامعة العميد الدكتور عصام الشافعي الى ان ما تتعرض له جمهورية مصر العربية على أيدي تلك المجموعات التكفيرية من استهدافات للقوات المسلحة وآخرها 3 قتل من الجيش في شمال سيناء والتي تهدف الى مسّ الامن […]

European Department (DESI): unloading Syria before the election was planned for political advantage, Saudi Arabia not related to the 9/11 accusations / المنظمة الاوروبية للامن والمعلومات: تفريغ سوريا قبل الانتخابات امرٌ تمّ التخطيط له للاستفادة السياسية ولا علاقة للسعودية بعملية ١١ أيلول

In an interview on Al-Lebanese stability secretary-general of the DESI European Department for Security and Information Ambassador Dr. Haitham Abu Said he pointed out, and before the last Syrian election date and months proceeded some neighboring Syria states backed by Western nations not her hostility since the beginning of the events that began on March 15, […]

DESI & LOAP: the events of Aleppo worry the West and is pushing for arming the Takfiri groups/ جامعة الشعوب العربية: احداث حلب تقلق الغرب وتدفع باتجاه تسليح المجموعات التكفيرية

The ambassador Dr. Haissam bou said Secretary General of the Organization of Arab League nations and the DESI European Department for Security and Information that classification, which took him and followed by Europe towards countries deemed supportive of terrorism and diverted the course of negotiating them is a fatal error in a realistic reading. I’ve […]

(DESI) World Global Government drives Turkish-Israeli alliance to the front

DESI : Britain spies on Lebanon and Syria Nahed Al Husaini,  VT  Damascus Bureau Chief        DESI  Secretary General  Dr. Haissam Bou-Said DESI confirms to VT that UK companies signed contracts with Beirut municipality for the purchase of monitoring and eavesdropping equipment to spy on the activities of the resistance in Lebanon. The […]

DESI: Israel, Turkey and Britain are putting the West in blown extortion /المنظمة الاوروبية للامن والمعلومات: إسرائيل وتركيا وبريطانيا تضعان الغرب في مهب الابتزاز

Ambassador of the International Committee for Human Rights in the Middle East, the Secretary General of the DESI European Department for Security and Information Dr. Haitham Abu Saeed announced that there is a need cosmic urgent to call an international UN to meet with anti-terrorism and to put serious grounds to him, he began to […]

DESI: Mossad threatens the European Department for Security and Information`s Secretary General after he strip it at several points / المنظمة الأوروبية للامن والمعلومات: الموساد يهدد المنظمة الأوروبية بتصفية أمينه العام بعد أن قامت بتعريته في عدة نقاط

After the DESI European Department for Security and information revelations by Secretary General Ambassador Dr. Haitham Abu Saeed Office of multiple bombings that took place in several Western states series and after stripping the issue of displaced Syrians to the EU began to Israeli intelligence pressure on European services in order to reduce the volume of […]

European Department for Security and Information: Europe is working to establish cooperation on Counter-Terrorism; resettlement of Syrians in Lebanon and the seriousness of the issue along the lines of the Cairo Agreement / الاوروبية للامن: اوروبا تعمل على انشاء تعاون لمكافحة الارهاب؛ وتوطين السوريين في لبنان مسألة جدية وعلى غرار اتفاق القاهرة

The secretary-general of the DESI European Organization for Security and Information and the Ambassador of the International Committee for Human Rights in the Middle East, Dr. Haitham Abu Saeed Alerted that Takfiri groups in Europe working within sleeping cells and small groups not connected to each other in terms of information. And that each group […]

(DESI)European Department for Security and Information: Turkey live a dangerous security and military pangs; and the Kurdish for an Autonomy/ المنظمة الاوروبية للامن والمعلومات: تركيا تعيش مخاض أمني وعسكري خطير، والأكراد لحكم ذاتي

The Secretary General of the DESI European Department for Security and Information Amb. Dr. Haissam Bou-Said declares that the latest events in the region boosted more diplomatic convoy that started to be more complicated, and the most leaded points are the re-shuffling of the political-military aspects that burned international red lines understandings. Ambassador Bou-Said assured […]

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