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USA Parliament (Intl.) & European Department for security and information: Congress can not cancel the nuclear agreement and require Israel

Foreign International American Parliament, Minister and Secretary General of the European Organization for Security and Information Dr. Haitham Abu Said that pointed Israel seeks through AIPAC organization pressing the US administration in order not to approve the international agreement in Vienna with Iran or to improve its conditions in order to accept it and then get through the demands the following gains:

Release of the Israeli spy Jonathon Pollard by US authorities

  1. increase and raising the annual financial allocations to Israel by the United States of $ 3.5 billion to $ 5.0 billion annually
  2. to provide the United States B52 aircraft to Israel
  3. to provide large amounts of Bunker Buster Nuclear launchers which are different from regular Conventional Bunker Buster they can destroy the entire cache system under the ground.

With respect to the US Congress and vote in September against the Iranian nuclear project with the six nations in Vienna, added that Congress in America can not Cancellation agreement despite diligent and continuous work of the Organization of AIPAC (Zionist-American) and members of Congress and some Democrats that the US president would put in front of the expected option that using the veto power given to him in the Constitution, then it will not be in front of those affected, but to restart the process but in this case they need to hold a second hearing to get the two-thirds majority in both Congress and the House of Representatives, where a pat on the Republicans to get the 13 additional votes in Congress and to more than 50 votes in the House of Representatives in order to reach the two-thirds, and this day is unenforceable.

He noted in the context that the security meetings that were completed after the signing of the agreement and entailed a number of behind-the-scenes contacts had begun more than a year and a half between the Syrian and Arab security chiefs to coordinate in the fight against terrorism, which insists upon Russia a key point in order to engage in political solutions in the region . Dr. Abu happy to speak at international scenes now on the political situation in Syria may require not a change in the government, but they can be to have some ministerial changes for some relevant related ministries in order to develop a building with all regional and international parties to dialogue.





























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